Custom Design

Custom Jewelry Design

At Matt Fine Jewelerscustom design is my passion. I enjoy the excitement of combining your unique ideas with my artistic design and jewelry knowledge to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will treasure for years.

Often people are hesitant on having custom jewelry made. “What if it’s not what I want?” After designing jewelry for many years, I have created a systematic design method that helps both you and I to design a “perfect” piece of jewelry. Most, but not all, of my designs are done via computer aided design (CAD). Thanks to this technology, both you and I can virtually see what the finished piece of jewelry will look like. Although I am not perfect, I am very confident that I can meet or supersede your expectations!

Do you have old jewelry you no longer like? I can modify and redesign older and sometimes outdated jewelry into new and special pieces you can enjoy and wear again! Why let a special piece of jewelry or precious stone sit in your jewelry box because it is a little out of style. Come to us and let us make it something new and exciting!

Shop around, and you will see that most of the time my custom pieces cost less than a generic piece of jewelry right out of the showcase. Plus, the quality of materials and workmanship are far superior! I have the ability to design any style of jewelry from traditional to contemporary pieces to reflect your unique personality and style.